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US-2016307705-A1: Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell, Method of Producing The Same, and Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Module patent, US-2016324938-A1: Sequence specific antimicrobials patent, US-2016380491-A1: Salient pole rotor patent, US-2017008781-A1: Deionizing fluid filter devices and methods of use patent, US-2017025628-A1: Organic thin film photovoltaic device, fabrication method thereof, and electronic apparatus patent, US-2017033804-A1: Method and Apparatus for Processing Information patent, US-2017053297-A1: Enhanced systems, processes, and user interfaces for scoring assets associated with a population of data patent, US-2017059175-A1: Oven appliance patent, US-2017104491-A1: Devices with an array of superconducting logic cells patent, US-2017120699-A1: Air maintenance tire pumping tube cover strip patent, US-2017125129-A1: Method for Generating Electrical Energy by Laser-Based Nuclear Fusion and Laser Reactor patent, US-2017137680-A1: Method for selecting lubricants for heat pumps patent, US-2017158227-A1: Vehicle steering arrangement, autonomous vehicle steering arrangement, a vehicle, and a method of steering a vehicle patent, US-2017167492-A1: Method for controlling an electric ventilator patent, US-2017180015-A1: Apparatus for die-to-die communication patent, US-2017190604-A1: Use of magnesium hydroxide in the neutralization of pta wastewater patent, US-2017202826-A1: Dosage forms of apixaban patent, US-2017206157-A1: Recovery for non-volatile memory after power loss patent, US-2017212578-A1: Self-powered optical mouse device and operating method thereof patent, US-2017233130-A1: Crush-tolerant container and blank and method for forming the same patent, US-2017241831-A1: Enhanced Acoustic Sensing System patent, US-2017290326-A1: Methods of suppressing settlement of barnacles patent, US-2017299566-A1: Reagents For Oxidizer-Based Chemical Detection patent, US-2017325499-A1: Riser-Outfitted Heat Management Device patent, US-2017326189-A1: Process for Obtaining a Composition Enriched with Dihydroquercetin or with Tannins patent, US-2017333267-A1: Mobile clinics patent, US-2017345940-A1: Semiconductor device and production method therefor patent, US-2017349785-A1: Invisible fingerprint coatings and process for forming same patent, US-2018007122-A1: Data center reselection patent, US-2018008849-A1: Fit-checking apparatus patent, US-2018015508-A1: Apparatus and method for polishing a surface of a substrate patent, US-2015138182-A1: Two-stage dac architecture for lcd source driver utilizing one-bit serial charge redistribution dac patent, US-2016001066-A1: Spinal catheter having multiple obstruction-clearing features patent, US-2016067773-A1: Filtering check valve for metal casting patent, US-2016079450-A1: Foil-based metallization of solar cells patent, US-2017297618-A1: Driver hands-on steering wheel detect using eps signals patent, US-2015297892-A1: An interface means, especially an interface means for a medical device patent, US-2016104572-A1: Method for manufacturing rare-earth magnets patent, US-2016294466-A1: Backhaul device and backhaul device control method patent, US-2017005638-A1: Elastic wave filter device patent, US-2017118577-A1: Accessing data services while roaming patent, US-2017164349-A1: Method and system for performing network slicing in a radio access network patent, US-2015150646-A1: Autoclavable input devices patent, US-2016055377-A1: Real-time analytics to identify visual objects of interest patent, US-2016073045-A1: Image capture with addition of accumulation signals for adjacent photodetectors patent, US-2016081825-A1: Heat-treated braided intravascular devices and methods patent, US-2016093878-A1: Electrode material, electrode, and lithium ion battery patent, US-2016364579-A1: Privacy Zone patent, US-2017219860-A1: Liquid crystal display patent, US-2017292401-A1: Method for determination of fatigue lifetime consumption of an engine component patent, US-2017319962-A1: Rendering of game characters patent, US-2016203340-A1: Method and apparatus for securely saving and restoring the state of a computing platform patent, US-2016255328-A1: Multiview 3d telepresence patent, US-2016345045-A1: Vehicle display system patent, US-2017222422-A1: Power cable having end connecting portion patent, US-2018003983-A1: Image display device, image display method, and recording medium patent, US-2015227027-A1: Light emitting device including first and second power sources, method of controlling the same, image pickup apparatus, and storage medium patent, US-2016266444-A1: Liquid crystsal display panel and array substrate thereof patent, US-2016329650-A1: Separable clasp connectors and die sets and methods for locking and unlocking such connectors patent, US-2015321675-A1: Control method and system for creep torque of vehicle patent, US-2016211296-A1: Semiconductor device, solid state imaging element, and electronic apparatus patent, US-2016368741-A1: Arrangement of a monitoring sensor in an escalator or in a moving walkway patent, US-2016216955-A1: Method and apparatus for executing applications patent, US-2015365742-A1: Link Switching Method, Device, and System patent, US-2016021580-A1: Telecommunication Equipment Measuring Pre-Establishment Service Interruptions patent, GB-1131739-A: A device for suppressing reaction in steering transmission systems of water-borne craft patent, US-2015101655-A1: Apparatus and Method for Mounting a Photovoltaic Module patent, US-3850068-A: Record material cutting mechanism patent, US-3601747-A: Brush block retractor and alignment device patent, US-3853169-A: Rotatable track-mounted shutter blinds patent, US-3608673-A: Lubrication device for unbalanced rotating members, particularly percussion tools patent, US-3584196-A: Automatic electric cooking appliance patent, JP-2009246957-K1: Security policy control system, security policy control method, and program patent, JP-5058775-B: patent, JP-5064765-B: patent, JP-51087471-T1: patent, JP-58069052-T1: patent, JP-59132620-T1: patent, JP-7122557-B: patent, JP-H02138991-K1: patent, JP-H06196743-K1: Solar battery module patent, JP-H06197040-K1: High frequency switch patent, JP-S58185763-K1: patent, JP-S62242616-K1: Pharmaceutical preparation comprising loxoprofen sodium patent, LU-88714-A9: patent, LU-90110-A9: patent, LU-91538-I2: Mavacoxib/TrocoxilCommercialisé sous forme: Mavacoxib, ou facultativement sous forme d'un sel pharmaceutiquement acceptable patent, LU-93193-A2: Viewing device for medical image with good heat dissipation effect patent, NL-139278-B: Snelheidsregelinrichting. patent, NL-139642-B: Analoog-digitaal omzetter. patent, NL-140132-B: Inrichting voor het in de grond brengen van een veredelingsmiddel. patent, NL-141076-B: Verbrandingsinrichting voor huishoudelijk gebruik, zoals een cigarettenaansteker, met een afzonderlijk reservoir voor een ontstekingsstof. patent, NL-141114-B: Laselektrode met een kalkbasische mantel voor het vervaardigen van duurzame, volledig austenitische lasverbindingen. patent, NL-142096-B: Schijvenkolom voor een uitwisselingscentrifuge. patent, NL-142348-B: Werkwijze voor het vervaardigen van vlakke polyalkeenfoelies, alsmede foelies vervaardigd volgens deze werkwijze. patent, NL-142397-B: Inrichting voor het continu bereiden van ftaalzuuresters van glycolen. patent, NL-142499-B: Inrichting voor het beheerst doorlaten van licht. patent, NL-143710-B: Afleesstelsel. patent, NL-144240-B: Werkwijze voor de directe bereiding van zware soda. patent, NL-144270-B: Werkwijze ter bereiding van alfa-gesubstitueerde epoxyverbindingen. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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